Auto Wrecking

Is possibile to deliver the car directly to our main office, otherwise you can require a car towing service done by our authorized veichles.

At the moment of the deliver of the car to wreck, we’ll release the demolition certificate directly to the car owner. We also request the delete of the car from PRA (Pubblico Registro Automobilistico, an italian car owner registry) and we deliver the plate to the right office.

Car Used Parts Shop

Autodemolizioni Piccinato, thanks to his specilized staff, select only the best used parts from the vehicles destinated to wreck.

For your complete satisfaction, you can go to our main office to see the part before withdrawing it.

Documents Required for Demolition of a Vehicle

  • Circulation Card (Booklet)
  • Certificate of ownership or complementary sheet
  • Plates (front and rear)
  • Valid ID Card
  • If the documents of the vehicle are not available cause theft or loss, it is necessary to file the complaint in original format issued by the competent authorities, verbal or judgment in case of withdrawal of the travel card.
  • If the holder of the vehicle is different from the owner of the vehicle, the delegation must be accompanied by a photocopy of a vehicle identification document.

Our Certificates